Employee Appreciation Day Ideas
Corporate Culture

5 Best Examples of Employee Appreciation

As part of our #InspireMe2017 Twitter series, Overnight Prints has gathered some of the best ways to show your employees they’re valued in the workplace. In honor of Employee Appreciation Day...
Corporate thank you card

8 Corporate Thank You Cards for Employee Appreciation Day

How can you say “thank you” in a sincere way to ALL your employees at the same time? Give out individual corporate thank you cards to show how much you...
Alyssa Kristin 2017 Collection lookbook

Expert Tips for Creating Fashion Lookbooks

“You won’t buy it if you can’t picture it” says photographer and styling manager Sarah Kensell. So how do you move customers to purchase something they’ve never physically seen, held...
La La Land movie poster

Winning Movie Poster Designs from the 2017 Oscars

It’s movie award season and film buffs are eagerly awaiting to hear who will win Best Picture. But who will win for Best Poster Design? An iconic movie poster, when...